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Alpha Filings Process

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To get the process started, we’ll need:

Your name, address, the names of your directors or responsible party, and officers in your company (keep in mind that this can just be one person if you have a startup). We’ll also need your company name (which can be changed later), the type of company you wish to start (LLC or Corp) and the state you want to incorporate in (either Delaware or Wyoming).
The only document we need
A copy of your passport or a government issued ID.
Pay once
We only have one package at $750 - all inclusive. No hidden or extra fees. Period. You’ll find the full list of everything included below.
Meet your attorney and CPA
Our Attorney Richard and CPA Marcus is around if you need help.
That’s it!
Our process usually takes about 10-15 days.
What's included in the price?
  • Preparation of Documents
  • Incorporation
  • All State fees
  • One Complete Year (12 Full Months) of State Registered Agent Service
  • Name Check & Clearance
  • Same-day Electronic Filing
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Digital Copy of Documents
  • Digital Corporate Seal
  • Lowest State Agent Fee Guaranteed $150/Year
  • Obtain a Tax ID or Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Business Bank account with Debit card
  • A US phone number wherein the calls are forwarded to your local number.
  • A local address in the US with mail forwarding mail scanning services.
  • Support for post-incorporation like issuing shares and others.
  • In-platform attorney and CPA service in a streamlined flow.

Ongoing services

Included in the package.

NameDetailsValidityAdditional cost
Business Bank AccountBanking by Evolve Bank & Trust;
Member FDIC
No minimum balance
No account opening fee
Free Debit card
No minimum balances,
overdrafts or hidden fees.
$0 - Free forever.
US Address and Mail forwardingScan Forwarding
Junk Mail Filtering
Accept all mail carriers
Secure shredding
Secure cloud storage
24/7 file access
Physical forwarding upon request
6 scan and forwards included.
Forwarding credits do not expire.
After free 6 scans,
$29 for 6 pieces or $99 for 25 pieces.
US Phone number and call forwarding30 mins per month
call forwarded to local phone number.
1 Year.After free tier - Additional calls $0.01 per min

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